BEI Principal – Asit N Baxi, PhD, PE, PTI Fellow

Baxi Engineering Inc. and Global Post-tensioning Solutions were founded by Dr. Asit N Baxi after having been in the post-tensioning industry for eighteen years. He received his BSCE (Structures) from MS University of Baroda, India, his MSCE (Structures) from Kansas State University and his PhD from The University of Texas at Austin in the area of prestressed concrete.

His earlier career involved working as a graduate research assistant at Ferguson Lab, UT Austin (1988-1993) and as a project engineer for Frank Lam & Associates, Austin, TX (1993-1994). He worked for Continental Concrete Structures, Atlanta, GA as a Project Engineer from 1994-1998. He joined Suncoast Post-tension Ltd in 1998 as Engineering Manager and was promoted to Director of Engineering in 2005.

He is responsible for the design of over 220 building structures covering over 25 million square feet with project sizes up to 750,000 sq. ft. and has been involved in the detailing and construction of over 800 post-tensioned concrete low to high-rise building structures covering over 70 million square feet in the US, Canada, Bahamas, Aruba and Cayman Islands.

He serves on the following technical committees of the Post-tensioning and American Concrete Institute.

Post-tensioning Institute (PTI)

Voting Member of

  • Technical Advisory Board (TAB-120)
  • Building Design (DC-20)
  • BIM (DC-110)
  • Special Topics (DC-70) (also Chair)
  • Professional Member Committee

American Concrete Institute (ACI)

Voting Member of

  • Building Code (318-G)
  • Prestressed Concrete (423)
  • Specifications for Structural Concrete (301-E)

He is also a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute.

He can be reached at

BEI Director – Neeru Tak

Neeru Tak handles human resources and general administration duties for the company. She has a Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy degree in Political Science.

She can be reached at